I’m So Disgusted Right Now…

I have never been a political person. I rarely follow the news, and I tend to be pretty moderate on most issues however, the Casey Anthony case has been a complete joke and adds to the reason other countries frown upon Americans.

how can you be laughing during a case about your murdered daughter? you're a disgrace!

I will admit, I didn’t know about the Casey Anthony case until a few weeks ago; lately I’ve been so busy with work and not having a TV that I don’t follow the news. However, I researched the case and the fact that she was found NOT GUILTY is a mistake on the part of our judicial system. How can someone get away with murdering their child? How could anyone find her innocent? Every single person I have talked to believes she is guilty, and I know she is. HOW DO YOU NOT REPORT YOUR CHILD IS MISSING FOR 30 DAYS??? I’m disgusted.

My friend tweeted: “meanwhile I get pulled over for speeding and cops act like I’m facing 25 to life. JOKE.” (@reedthurston). It is a joke. I couldn’t have said it better. How can issues such as talking on your cellphone, speeding 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, even more “extreme” issues such as smoking marijuana be issues that are more difficult to get out of, but killing a child is something that they ponder over for a while and then decide, “hey, you know what, she may not have done it.”

What the government doesn’t realize is that, now people are going to think they can get away with murder. This is setting the standard for future generations of court cases, and when lawyers are looking back to reference cases to get serial killers proven not guilty, they will say “that Casey Anthony got away scott free”.

And the worst part, this bitch is going to get a book deal and/or reality TV show and/or movie and make millions. I think I might vomit right now because I’m so infuriated!

To sum up the verdict: this is bullshit.

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