Kennedy Space Center

It has been a while my friends, and I do apologize for that. I recently started a new position with the company, and now I have very little time during the week to blog 😦 … Oh well.

Any whoozle, I spent two weeks in Cocoa Beach, Florida for work back in June. IT. WAS. A. DREAM. Obviously because it’s a Florida Beach in June, but because I was blessed with fantastic weather (except for the one day it monsooned while I was driving to work). Because of the fantastic weather, and  the fact that the NASA programs are slowly coming to an end, I decided to drive 20 minutes north to Cape Canaveral to go to the Kennedy Space Center.

I had so much fun, it’s kind of ridiculous. I was surrounded by children, but NASA brought the child out of me. I sat in on a couple presentations, and by the end, my dream job was to do public relations for NASA. The only thing that didn’t work out was I didn’t find my future husband, Astronaut Mike Dexter (for those of you who get that joke, you are simply the best).  Below are some pictures of my visit. Enjoy! xoxo

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