To say that it’s been a while is an understatement. I have no excuse except that I sit at a computer for at least eight hours a day and the idea of sitting on one once I get home makes me cringe. All-in-all, I appologize for my absense.

It has recently come to my attention that I have an obsession with a few blogs that I check on a regular basis. I want to share these with you. You may have heard or read some of these in the past, but the reality is, I can’t function without checking their status every morning.


Flip Flops and Shame

My darling friend Tyler has a great sense of humor and enjoys just about everything I enjoy. That includes drinking wine, Glee (specifically obesessing over Naya Rivera and Darren Criss while making fun of Corey Monteith), puppies, everything Emma Stone does, taking a social stance on equality, Adele, drinking margs, The Vampire Diaries (luckily he’s a Tyler Lockwood fan and I’m a Jeremy Gilbert fan, so we never fight over the same guy), Starbucks, ZEF, being a Betch and basically everything else. With that said, I LOVE HIS BLOG. Tyler gets me. Flip Flops and Shame give me a daily dose of gorgeous pictures of the things I love. I highly recommend you check this blog out.

Oh Wait!…That Was My Train

One of my close friends from Marist, Frank G., writes about some of the most ridiculous and hilarious situations. He also has a great sense of humor which I truly appreciate. If you’re looking for a quick daily read to brighten your day, I highly recommend you read this. He tells stories about being at nursing homes and dealing with crazy residents, waking up on the LIRR next to an attractive girl and being confused of where he is and dealing with Girl Scouts selling cookies at Penn Station. Another great part about this blog is that he keeps it short, sweet and to the point. Check this blog out if you’re looking for a quick laugh to start, end or pick up your day.

Betches Love This

I’m sure most of you have heard of or read this blog at some point in your life. This is something that many people live their life by; a betch bible if you will. I however love to compare my personal experiences and view on the world to this blog. The best part for me: I agree with 95% of what is written in this blog. If they review a movie and say it was great, I will go and see that movie. If they review a movie as terrible, I’ll wait to see it before I drop $13 on a movie ticket. They have a hilarious take on tv shows, especially since I watch all of the shows they review. They crown a true bitchy diva the “Betch of the Week”, they rank what a betch does and they write about what betches love. If you don’t know what a betch is, not only am I embarassed for you but you need to go to this blog and read up. The world is full of betches and they’re not afraid to admit it.

The Dic. of Abbrevs.

This blog is amazeballs. It is correctly represented by the blog’s def: “the cray adventures of an NYC 20-something baking goods, drinking stiff cock(tails) & playing the field exaggggerated, hilar and at time pathed.” When I first started reading this blog, I saw that she posted a “Dic Pic of the Week” and I nearly DIED of laughter because the title was so cleaver and fitting. She shares her baking experiences, life experiences and posts about being a betch living it up in NYC. And if nothing else here interests you, the blog is beautifully setup and contains beautiful, creative and unique pictures.


Hands down, my favorite blog. This blog has at least five new posts a day and about three of them crack me up. Clips are taken from tv shows and movies and are related to real life situations. There is no way to fully explain what this website is. YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

I hope my ability to procrastinate at work will bring you great new reading material. I’m over the Facebook stalking phase of my life – I would rather read witty blogs. Also, make sure you check out my Tumblr account: ufamiliarTERAHtory. Hope you enjoy these gems 🙂


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  1. #WhatShouldWeCallMe — I can’t even.. I need that website like I need air and tater tots.

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