Dom Mazzetti

When it comes to YouTube Channels there aren’t many that can compare to Dom Mazzetti‘s. Dom, a New Jersey Guido whose been in college for years offers up his “expertise” on just about any topic you can think of (e.g. holidays, creating resumes, different types of music, girls, etc.) and puts his own twist on each matter while making hysterically memorable comments. Below, I have shared some of my favorite Dom videos with my favorite quote from the video as the title. I highly recommend you follow his channel, but at the very least, take a look at these videos and possibly more. Enjoy!

DOM MAZZETTI vs. REBECCA BLACK – FRIDAY: “Of course it’s Usher. He only works with virgins. I hear he hands out record deals at the food court in the mall. Well, maybe it’s not Usher. This guy is a little fat. Could be Usher’s rapist brother, Gusher.”


DOM MAZZETTI vs. THE FOURTH OF JULY: “So here’s the question everybody’s been dying to know. The fourth of July, when is it? No body knows for sure. Moving on.”


DOM MAZZETTI vs. GYM BUDDIES: “It’s about tough love and public humiliation.”


And my absolute favorite, DOM MAZZETTI vs. RESUMES: “The next job I held was as a roller coaster tycoon and Mayor of SIM City. BAM. Just got the job. I made my first million in roller coasters. Very lucrative investment. Then, I was elected for two terms as Mayor of SIM City before a giant robot attacked and the citizens became unhappy.”

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