New Hampshire or Bust

One of the great things about the company I work for is that we have an office in New Hampshire. This means I can get out of the city for a few days and not have to take paid time off.

The office is in Bedford which is right outside of Manchester in an adorable suburban area; a fantastic change in comparison to the 8th Avenue, New York office between Port Authority, Penn. Station and Time Square, or as I call it “The Three Gates of Hell”. It’s quiet, people are nice and the air is fresh. It reminds me a little of home, just less rural.

So what is the point of this post? New Hampshire is awesome. I can admit, there isn’t much to do but I love it. I think I would take a vacation up here if I could afford a real vacation (my vacations currently consist of crashing at my friend’s parent’s house or considering visiting my parents a vacation) if I didn’t have the luxury of coming up here for work. It’s about an hour and a half out of Boston, close to Vermont and it’s extremely relaxing. During the summer, there’s a gorgeous breeze that breaks up the heat and the spring is absolutely gorgeous. There is no public transportation – just the way I like it – which cuts down on the polluted air. It’s fresh up here.

I highly recommend spending some time in New Hampshire. I’m leaving tomorrow around 10am and the only thing that lets me accept my fate is knowing that Friday to Monday I’m on vacation.


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