Play Something Country: Me and Charlie Talking

I know I said that Play Something Country would be a weekly post, but I cannot stop listening to this song. It has been out for a long time and I’ve listened to it over the years, but just recently the song has meaning to me. Miranda Lambert’s “Me and Charlie Talking” on her 2005 album Kerosene has an amazing beat and talks about how people change over the years.

My favorite line: “Funny how time and distance change you, the road you take don’t always lead you home”.

Not to mention the chorus is amazing: “So you treat your love like a firefly like it only gets to shine for a little while. Catch it in a mason jar with holes in the top and run like hell to show it off. Oh, promises were made when we’d go walking. That’s just me and Charlie talking.”

I think anyone can relate to this song. There can be so many way to interpret her lyrics, which is one of the reasons why I absolutely adore Miranda Lambert’s music. Enjoy!


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