What Makes You Think Elmo Won’t Cut You?

Sesame Street was always on the Paluba family television when I was younger. The show made counting, spelling and learning fun. It was age appropriate (unlike many of the shows now-a-days) and my brother and I both enjoyed watching it. We never fought over the remote. However, even at a young and tender age I knew Elmo was an asshole. The Cookie Monster was always stealing cookies and Oscar the Grouch was straight up miserable but they were true to themselves and AMAZING characters. Elmo was always on my shit list. This furry red creature walked around Sesame Street like he owned the place and then he got his own show “Elmo’s World” because he was too good for the original show. He talked like a three year old girl and played dumb too often.

With that said, when I saw this video, it confirmed all of my beliefs as a child. Elmo puts on a great show but he’s not fooling anyone any longer.

For the record, The Cookie Monster is hands down the best character from Sesame Street. Also, Mr. Snuffleupagus never got the credit he deserved!

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