Madonna has been apart of my life since the day I was born. My mother used to blast her music while cleaning the house and every car ride had one of her cassettes on the radio. So, it’s easy to understand why I absolutely adore her.

Madonna has had nine number one singles, 26 top fives and eight number one albums. She has sold over 85 million albums worldwide, which more than any other female singer EVER. She’s absolutely amazing. She’s iconic.

Other than her songs, which I’ll get to in a second, the reason I absolutely love her is because she, like me, was from a small town and moved to New York City to become the best she can be.

When it comes to her music, these are some of my favorites:

  • I ‘ll Remember (1995, Something to Remember)
  • Live to Tell (1986, True Blue)
  • This Used to be MyPlayground (1995, Something to Remember)
  • Open Your Heart (1986, True Blue)
  • Don’t Tell Me (2000, Music)
  • Take a Bow (1995, Something to Remember)
  • Material Girl (1984, Like a Virgin)

And those are just the beginning of the long list of her songs that I listen to on a regular basis. In my opinion, her music is timeless.

There is one caviot with my love for Madonna. The last song of hers that I have liked is “Don’t Tell Me” from her 2000 album Music. Once the 2000s hit, in my opinion, Madonna hasn’t been the same. I mainly stick to her music from the 80’s and 90’s. I think this shift came from the fact that a lot of her recent music has had to much of an electronic touch, which is something I do not listen to and I do not find to be true talent. TO BE CLEAR, I find Madonna extremely talented; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t love her as much as I do. I just think that if you need to electronically alter your voice to sell albums you should find a different career.

However, when she performed at the 2012 Super Bowl I was  a happy camper. She performed a bunch of her old music and I loved every second of it.

I absolutely adore Madonna, and I think everyone should. She helped paved the way for females to be strong and independent in today’s society.

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