Lately, I’ve had this ridiculous obsession with fur. All I want out of life is an obnoxious, poofy, warm, real fur coat. I want to wear it all year round. I want to pretend I’m Cruella de Vil (minus the obsession of killing puppies) and walk around with my nose in the air. I want to be able to say “hang on, let me grab my fur coat!” I want fur ear muffs. I want a fur vest. I want fur boots. I want a fur scarf. You get the point. I want fur.

Recently, my roommate brought home a fur hat that I have become obsessed with. She never wears it and I am pretty sure I would wear it every day if it were mine.

The other day I asked her if I could wear it and she was excited that someone was going to wear it. Below is a picture of my experience with the hat. May I say, I wore it around the house like an eskimo out in the middle of the tundra (my apartment has been a tad cold lately, so I feel like I have been “roughing it”) for whole eight hours.
photo 3
With all of this said, any article of clothing that I purchase within the next couple months will have fur. I know animal activist will have a huge problem with this but to be honest, honey badger don’t care. The way I look at it: you’re killing the animal for its meat, why have the fur go to waste?

And yes, I will be that lady walking around at 70/80 years old wearing an obnoxious 100% fur coat and big sunglasses, even if it isn’t in style. BOOM.

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