Kip Moore Live at Webster Hall

You ever have that night where you’re like:


That was our mentality when we saw Kip Moore at Webster Hall on March 21st.

Kip Moore is a country singer who is best known for his singles “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl”. What he should be known for is putting on a fantastic concert and rocking out all night.


He played at Webster Hall in Manhattan, making this my first concert ever at this venue. Let me give you a visual. You walk in to where the concert is playing and BOOM! Big, beautiful, full stocked bar. Then you look past the bar and there’s this medium to small stage. You look up, there’s a second floor where people can enjoy the concert from the balcony. It was quite a lovely location if you ask me.

Let me preface the entire experience with we may have had a little too much to drink throughout the event. We had missed the opening act, A Thousand Horses, because we were across the street at Fill R’ Up. We may have also stopped paying attention to Kip on stage for a while because we were in our own little world.


But, you didn’t have to watch Kip the entire time because the music was amazing and fun. He was drinking only God knows what out of a flask on stage and he sang amazingly live. He also sings about real life situations (not bitches and hoes, as I like to say… Well he does sing about one bitch but he ends up marrying her at the end of the song). He sings about his truck; who doesn’t love the vehicle they drive? He sings about being young and reckless; might as well be my middle name. He sings about the little bit of extra money he has at the end of ever paycheck, his beer money; um, yea, that’s apart of everyone’s paycheck. He sings about wanting to know where a girl is tonight; every girl has had that overbearing boyfriend who wants to know her every move. He even has a song about his motorcycle; this I cannot relate to.


The point is, if you have an opportunity to see him live, go for it. This summer he will be opening up for Brad Paisley and I will be attending that concert if it works with my work schedule.

I recommend listening to his album on Spotify!

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