Play Something Country: We Were Us

You know you’ve been gone for a long time when you come back to WordPress and they’ve completely changed the colors and the layout. Bear with me people (I can’t figure out if it’s “bear” or “bare,” so I made an executive decision to go with the animal), it may take me a second to figure out how to work this thing.

I return, after months of enjoying summer, getting a new job, and settling into a new-ish life with a Monday Play Something Country post.

This week’s post is a duet by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert (Miranda, no way, way to be super predictable, Terah) called “We Were Us”. This is a relatively new song that I have on repeat on my playlist. I listen to it in the morning getting ready for work, on my commute, at work, and even at the gym. It’s that great of a song.

I hope you enjoy. Because it is relatively new, there is not an actual music video (if I decide to not be lazy, maybe I’ll replace the link once one comes out).

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