Friday Favorites: November 8th, 2013

Happy November! I have decided to start a “Friday Favorites” thread where I list my favorite things from the past week, whether it is a song, fashion statement, recipe, movie, book, photo, etc. I am always finding gems that I want to share with the world, and this is where it begins.



For those of you who know me, I grew up obsessed with Disney Princesses. All I wanted was to swim in the ocean with Ariel, dance around the library with Belle, or cause trouble in a city with Jasmine. With that being said, I came across this Buzzfeed where artist Beatrice Loren take the eleven Disney princesses and modernize them in retro glam. I loved every second of it, and you should too.


MUSIC: Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Terah, you listen to country music’. I am aware, thank you. My roommate LOVES Lana, and I could never understand why. Last Monday, I was in the weirdest mood, and decided to listen to ‘Summertime Sadness,’ when the rest of the album started to play. Let me just say, I may now be obsessed with her music. I even setup an alert on Ticketmaster to find out when she performs in NYC. Her album Born to Die is amazing. I can admit, the lyrics are weird, but I embrace her weirdness, and her sense of not giving an F*. If you’re going to take a listen, which I think you should, listen to “Lolita” and “Off to the Races”.


RECIPE: Red Curry Coconut Soup

My other roommate and I are on this weird health kick. I don’t really want to talk about it, but what I will say is we’ve found some awesome recipes, including this bad boy. The red curry coconut noodle soup is delicious and super filling. I always have a weird feeling about eating tofu, but I’ve come to accept it. However, the next time we make the soup (aka she makes the soup, and I eat it) we’re going to make it with chicken rather than tofu since we do eat white meat. I’ll try to remember to let you know how that goes.



Based off previous posts, it should not be a surprise that I love fur, and fur hats are no exception. I recently bought an Aqua black rabbit fur aviator hat (see image below, and don’t judge the selfie with the Ray Bans, I was heading out and in a rush), and all I want to do is wear it everywhere. Here are some awesome pieces I came across while shopping in Bloomingdales that I had to control myself to NOT buy.


MAKEUP: MAC Stroke of Midnight Lip Bag: Violet

I rarely wear makeup to work; I don’t feel sitting at a desk for eight to nine hours straight requires me to put the effort into looking nice. But sometimes I’ll sass up my look with a little lipstick. I needed a dark lipstick because the one I bought last year mysteriously disappeared. I went to Bloomingdales (it’s across the street from my office on Lexington and 59th) and found this amazing kit. It comes with a lip pencil, lipstick, and a gloss, not to mention an adorable bag which is the perfect size. I love it!



This episode aired 10/26/2013, but I cannot get over how hilarious Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey impression is. Enjoy!


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