Clip of the Week: Bounce 2 Parody


For the record, I cannot stand Kanye West. I was never a fan, with the exception of his collaborations with Jay-Z, and maybe a couple songs back when he prided himself on being a high school dropout. I think he’s an egotistical prick, if we’re being honest. I think he speaks gibberish, and the fact that he calls himself a genius proves he doesn’t own a dictionary.

I have a friend who saw him in concert this past weekend. He said that Kanye went on two rants, one for about 20-minutes, and another for 15-minutes, where all he did was talk nonsense. He wasn’t having a conversation with anyone, he was more/less complaining and preaching about BS. He said that these rants ruined the concert for him, and that it would have been an amazing concert had Kanye just shut the F up.

Okay, I’m now off my soapbox. This week’s clip of the week makes fun of Kanye’s “Bounce 2” music video. I LOVE Seth Rogen, i think he’s hilarious, and I’m pretty sure everyone likes James Franco…I think. Either way, they have made a hilarious parody of his video, which you need to see NOW! Enjoy.

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