Play Something Country: Play It Again

This week’s Play Something Country comes from Luke Bryan. “Play It Again” is from his 2014 album Crash My Party. Luke Bryan is extremely talented and I think this is one of the songs where you can hear his musical range. Side note, my brother, like me, has been to a lot of concerts, and he stands by his claim that Luke Bryan is the best performer he’s seen live. I have not had the pleasure, but he’s on my list for next year. Apparently, a Luke Bryan concert is one big party, which sounds great to me! Enjoy this song! I know you’ll want to play it again…

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One Comment Add yours

  1. We hope to see him in concert… But ticket always get sold out. Except we did recently get to see One Direction and Taylor Swift — love her country or no! But Luke has a style that the whole family LOVES!!!!

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