Wanderlust 2018: Barcelona is Always a Good Idea

We made it to our last three-day stop in Barcelona. This was the most bittersweet experience I’ve ever had. We had come to one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain/Catalonia and yet it was the end of the most amazing trip I had ever taken with some of the best people I had ever met.

Biking Barcelona

A group of us took a bike riding tour through the city and a couple of the parks. This is a great way to see the energy that lives in the streets of Barcelona. However, my favorite part were the beautiful parks we rode through and the amazing architecture. The only thing I would recommend is that if you’re not used to riding a bike, taking a bike tour in Barcelona is probably not the best idea, since you ride in the roads and there’s a ton of stop and go for pedestrians.

Paella and Sangria Making

This was one of my favorite experiences on my European vacation. A large group of girls I was traveling with and I decided to take a paella and sangria cooking class. Our instructor was amazing and full of energy. At the end of the day I learn how to debone a squid and make some of the best paella I’ve ever. Not to mention, the sangria was delicious and available in mass quantities.


For those of you who like EDM, I recommend seeing Marshmello if you have the opportunity. I have seen quite a few DJs in Vegas, but something about seeing Marshmello in Barcelona made this show one of my favorites.

I’m not going to lie, after the paella and sangria making class we were all a bit, how you say, lit, but the energy of music and bar kept us up into the wee hours of the morning dancing around and enjoying ourselves.

Beach Bums

After a long night of drinking and dancing the night away, it was time for us to lay on the beach. The beaches have the most interesting textured sand. It’s thick, grainy, and not smooth by any means. The water was a decent temperature and we were lucky enough to have the sun shining all day long.

Park Güell

This is a must-see while visiting Barcelona. The park is humongous and provides great view of the city. There’s also a ton of artwork throughout the entire park. We climbed to the top and it was gorgeous.

Sagradia de Familia

Turns out you need to buy tickets in advance to get into this beautiful piece of architecture. This castle sits in the middle of Barcelona and is one of the most eccentric pieces of artwork I have ever seen. The edges are sharp, the colors are drastic, and all-in-all, it is breathtaking. A couple people on the tour had the wherewithal to purchase the tickets in advance and said that the interior was (Tim Gunn voice) to die for. This is a must see when I go back.

The Sweetest Goodbye

The trip was over. It was our last night before flying back to reality. We had a beautiful dinner as a group (one of which I was unable to appreciate since my stomach was in knots realizing I was going back to NY without a job, moving the rest of my life to Florida, and completely upset about leaving Europe), then went over to a stock market style bar (Dow Jones Bar). The value of the beer is based on supply and demand. It was awesome.

We had our heart felt goodbyes, went back to the hostel, then stayed up drinking until about two hours before we had to leave for the airport. Luckily, I was flying to NYC with two of my comrades, which made it a little easier. My final meal in Spain? McDonalds…

Europe was the most incredible experience of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and it sparked an adventurous side within me that I never knew I had. If you ever have the opportunity to take time off of work and travel for a couple months, I highly recommend it. You’d be amazed in what you find out about yourself.

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