Meet Terah

2017-03-28 09.39.25-1.jpgTerah grew up in a small, secluded area in Upstate, New York where she always knew she wanted more than the life that was offered in Saratoga County. After high school, she attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY and earned a BA in Communication with concentrations in Public Relations, Organizational Communication, and Journalism.

At the age of 22, Terah moved to New York City to work as a writer in the healthcare industry, which would lead her to writing at a well-known finance/news/technology firm. But she knew something was missing.

So, at the age of 28, she quit her job to travel around Europe and see parts of the world of which she had always dreamed. When she returned, she relocated to St. Petersburg, FL knowing that the beach and relaxed lifestyle was what she had always wanted.

Now, she’s embarking on the next chapter of her life, which includes reminiscing on her adventures, living in a polar-opposite part of the country where life really does move slow, figuring out how to navigate around Florida (while avoiding Alligators and Birds at all costs), and continuing to satisfy her appetite for travel and adventure.

Now that she works remotely, she’s working on her next adventure and plans to get started very soon – so stay tuned!

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