Routine is the Enemy of Time

Three weeks ago, I quit my comfortable job, discontinued my lease, picked up my life in New York, and moved to Florida. Then, a week ago, I left for a 35-day European trip. As I’m sure you can imagine, there has been a ton of stress and anxiety over the past couple months while I’ve decided to make these big changes.

You must be asking yourself why? To be honest, I was too comfortable living a life that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Do not get me wrong, I have afforded myself the opportunities to travel, live independently, spend time with friends, and experience new things – and I am extremely grateful for these opportunities. But my day-to-day, between weekends and vacations were becoming tortuous. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I was auto-piloting through a life I didn’t want, where I sat at a desk staring at a computer Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM and stressing out constantly about things I didn’t necessarily care about. I felt trapped by the money and benefits; trapped by this feeling of needing to stay because that’s what society expects of a person my age; trapped by the idea that if I quit my job I will never make as much money as I do now.

You know what, I’d rather give it all up than look back in 20 years and have an overwhelming senses of regret. I never want to live a “I wonder what would’ve happened if I…” or “If only I had…” life.

Once I accepted the fact that if I stayed, I would most likely never feel truly alive. Once I accepted that “failure” is a part of life and that if it doesn’t work out moving south AT LEAST I TRIED…and I can always go back.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, to be honest, this is a really long introduction to this amazing video called The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon to Patagonia where a young man, Jedediah quits his job and travels from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. This is something I would love to do, but I would not do alone. However, if you listen to what Jedediah says, including the title of this blog, “routine is the enemy of time,” I think it will be easier to understand why so many people my age are quitting their comfortable jobs to travel, to go back to school, to create their own businesses, to take time off from a routine life, and/or to create art. I think this video can help some people start to understand that happiness cannot be quantified by a dollar value, but more of an inner peace with what they choose to do with their lives that make them feel truly alive. Enjoy!

Life Expectations Based on Disney Movies

Too many times I have felt let down based on what I believed growing up my life was supposed to be like. Why do I have to work five days a week? Why is it so difficult to manage my money? Why don’t I have a huge trust fund or a rich uncle? Why haven’t I met my Prince Charming? Why isn’t my hair perfect? Why hasn’t some life changing event happened to me that has made me eternally happy?

I can tell you why.

My expectations of life have been based on Disney Princess movies and my parents telling me I can be anything I want to be. All I wanted to be when I grew up was a Princess who got to hang out in my mansion all day, sing what I’m doing in tune and have my Prince Charming come home from a long day and live happily ever after. I wouldn’t have to cook any meals because I would have butlers and chefs. I’d never have to leave the compound because everything I would ever need would be in my mansion and everyone and everything I wanted and needed would come to me. My closet would be filled with gorgeous expensive clothing from around the world. I would have children and only have to worry about playing with them and dressing them up because I would have nannies to do all the difficult tasks that go into raising children. Oh, and I would drink lots and lots of delicious wine.

Now that I’m in my mid-twenties I am starting to realize I’ve been lied to my entire life.  Let’s get real, no animal is going to have conversations with you; not all mothers/stepmothers are evil and it’s not easy to become rich. ALSO, what I expect of out a man is completely unrealistic.

What’s the moral of this story? When I have a daughter and/or gay son I am going to let them watch these movies but I’ll give him/her a pep-talk afterwords. It will probably go something like:

“Honey, I want you to know that this movie is far from reality. I realize this isn’t fair, but that’s life. A more realistic ending would be Cinderella never got her glass slipper back, so she was out about $150 and had to work extra hours to pay her credit card bill either way. Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with at 16-years-old is completely unrealistic if you want to be successful and be happy in the long run. At 16 you don’t know who you are. At 20 you don’t know who you are. She probably didn’t get in a serious relationship till she was about 28 and she most likely met him online. You will never have perfect hair or a clear complexion 100-percent of the time. She clearly had an animal hoarding issue, which we will discuss when you’re older. She was also obviously delusional since she thought she could talk and sing with a bunch of animals. You will never find someone to clean your house and take care of you for free. She had to get a full-time job once she moved out of her stepmother’s house and she never lived in a mansion ever again. It’s safe to say Cinderella didn’t get the life she wanted. You can dream to be whatever you want to be, and I’ll support you. But let’s be realistic. Maybe you should be a Doctor or a Lawyer since Princess is not a real occupation. Any questions?”

I hope you all have this conversation with all of your future child as I am completely disappointed with the outcome of not being a Princess.

19 Tips for Females in 2012 (Thought Catalog)

1.  If his greatest attribute is “SWAG,” run in the opposite direction. (Don’t worry, there’s a 98% chance that his jeans will be sagging below his rear, so he’ll have no shot at catching you.)

2.  Either start approaching guys or stop complaining about the ones who approach you. Its 2012, there’s nothing wrong with adopting that Sadie Hawkins Dance mindset.

3.  Don’t base your opinions of the entire male population on the actions of a few knuckleheads.

4.  Just because a dude has a Nikon camera and is decent at Photoshop does not make him a photographer. And more importantly, posing for him doesn’t make you a model.

5.  Don’t take advice or listen to the hardships of being an independent, single woman from a rich musician (married to an even wealthier man)… I’m specifically referring to Beyoncé.

6.  It is completely OK to not watch sports. That’s a whole lot less irritating than putting sports related Tweets & Facebook statuses, just to be topical. Example: “Kobe and Lakers are my team, they are SOOOO good at basketball!”

7.  Don’t wear sweatpants in public. A recent study showed that the sight of sweatpants causes instant softness in the male penis.

8.  Do wear yoga pants in public. I don’t mean to sound shallow or chauvinistic but there’s literally an entire website dedicated to “Girls In Yoga Pants” so this phenomenon is global.

9.  We get it, you like Starbucks (and tanning in several cases).

10.  Stretch marks aren’t as significant as you think. I’ve never heard of a (half-decent) guy rejecting a girl he liked because of such a petty thing.

11.  Don’t “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.” Simply act and think like a lady and in due time, you’ll attract yourself a gentleman.

12.  It’s probably best to not send scandalous pictures to dudes that you barely know, since that rarely never ends well.

13.  If you base your expectations of men on Twilight, romantic comedies & Disney movie characters, please stop. Vampires, Matthew McConaughey and Princess Castles are farfetched to say the least. (Although there’s an abundance of guys out there who are very similar to Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.)

14.  Rule of thumb: If he will miss an important game or cancel plans with his boys for you, he really cares.

15.  Not all social events need be turned into photo shoots. Don’t forget to actually experience things because you’re busy taking pictures.

16.  Eat a friggin’ hamburger if you want to! Curvy, healthy looking girls are far more attractive than skeletons.

17.  When a new Call Of Duty game comes out, expect and accept the neglecting that will follow for at least 48 hours.

18.  STOP hating on each other females so much. (Specifically when the hate is unwarranted and based strictly on physical appearance.)

19.  That Lifetime movie you’re about to watch, is about a woman with an abusive husband, an eating disorder, a stalker or an affair and in the end, she’ll be just fine. Boom! That should save you an abundance of time that would’ve otherwise been consumed by atrocious TV movies.



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