Terah’s Favorite Clips

I’m pretty sure I would die without YouTube or some social media outlet that entertains me on a daily basis. I truly believe that YouTube has defined my generation, and I totally plan on embracing it.

Here are some of my favorite clips EVER:

My Son Is Gay: “He moved into the city and now he’s gay!”

Stiffy Goats: “Oh My God! Is it DEAD?”

Shoes: “I’m gonna betch slap you shetbag!”

What Girls Do On the Internet: OMG I’m getting distracted!

To Catch a Predator: “Get in the chopper! Get in the chopper!”

What Guys Do On the Internet: What’s up with all these girls with making a duck face and chucking up deuces every where. what the fuck is that all about? i don’t know but it gives me a boner…

Charles Mulligan Steakhouse: Ron Swanson keeps a record of every steak he ever ate at Charles Mulligan Steakhouse, the best damn steakhouse in the state!

Michael Bolton is a Major Cinefile: Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton, who loves Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dissing Your Dog: Will Ferrell on SNL dissing his dog

I Just Had Sex: Lonely Island featuring Akon.

Greatest Freak Out Ever: This kid has major issues

I’m the Beauty Queen and My Momma’s the Coupon Queen!: Honey Boo Boo Child

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama: this wards of spells, this is a special leprechaun flute that’s been passed down for thousands of years from my great great great grandfather whose Irish…

Gingers Do Have Souls: You’re not God…wooooooo…. follow up with this: SPOOF of Gingers

Don’t forget to check out these posts for more clips:

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